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SCX Racing System

Digital Pit Box GT Race Car Set

The SCX System is the most comprehensive, most realistic, and most fun digital system on the market.  Give instructions to your car so that you can overtake your opponents by changing lanes!

Link each car to a controller so that up to 6 cars can compete at once on this 2 lane track! (the Pit Box Expansion Module SCXW2507 is needed to run a maximum of 6 cars)

SCX Racing System Digital Pit Box GT Race Car Set

Personalize your car to suit your driving style.  You can set the braking power and the fuel load!  Amazing.

Send constant information to the Control Unit so that you can see the state of the race at any time (times, positions, and fuel consumption).  Planning your Pit Stops to refuel during the race add realism to all the fun!

SCX GT Pit Box Set Digital Slot Race Car System

Each digital slot car has the following features:

  • Equipped with a microchip which can receive instructions from the driver.  Change lanes by pressing a button on the back of the controller or activate the braking system by releasing the accelerator trigger.

  • Exquisite cockpit detail with painted driver figure

  • High intensity headlamps with the xenon effect

  • Braking system

  • Removable and adjustable magnet so your car can slide through the turns!

  • A.R.S. guide(Automatic Return Guide) returns to its central position

  • Greater vehicle stability with suspension and tilting chassis

  • The double braid ensures greater contact on the rail

  • Powerful RX-42 motor

  • Metal bearings

  • Integrated cordless circuit & detailed instructions

INCLUDES: (3) Electronic Hand Throttles (3) 1:32 Scale GT slot cars: Ferrari 360 GTC, Chevrolet Corvette C6R, Aston Martin DBR9 Pit Box Set, with: (1) Pit Box Set Start Terminal Track (1) Pit Box Central Unit (1) Right Side Access Track (1) Left Side Access Track (2) Pit Box Single Lane Straights 14" (360mm) (6) T-Shaped Fastening Pit Box Barrier (4) Pit Box Barriers (2) Single Lane Straights 14" (360mm) (1) Standard Straight with 3, 4, 5 and 6 Positions (5) Standard Straights (3) Changeover Tracks (8) Standard Curves (8) Standard Curve Border with Barrier (8) Tapering Border with Barrier (1) Electronic Transformer

Scale: 1:32

Layout Size: 9.25 x 3.4 ft (282 x 104 cm)

The SCX® Digital System products are not compatible with standard SCX® products. All SCX® Digital System products are marked with a special "X" symbol to identify them and to distinguish them from other SCX® products.

SCX Digital Pit Stop GT Race Car Set

retail $429.95 + shipping


free shipping anywhere in the continental USA

SCX 1:32 Digital Systems

Digital Pit Box GT Set


Digital DTM Basic Circuit Set


Digital Nascar Set


Digital F1 Pit Box Set

Children's Posters Pictures & Art

Just type your search term in the search window below and click search.  Lovely posters for any room.  Type "children" or "animals" or "pirates"  or any other area of interest to search for great art, story and other child or animal themed posters.

Jr. Astronaut and Space Toys

Rockets and Space Suit Combo's

Click here to see them!

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Enjoy years of play with our SCX Racing System Digital Pit Box GT Race Car Set


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