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101 Games to Play with your Double Decker Play Table

Hardwood Double Decker Train Table Movie

Matching Games

  1. Drive through Matching Game – Players draw different foods on the left side of the chalkboard and the word for the food on the right side in random order from top to bottom. Take turns going through the pretend drive through. To get their order, they must match a food picture to the word for that food by drawing a line from the picture to the matching word. Take turns until all the food has been matched. Remember to have them write their names on the lines to remember who made each match in the end.

  2. Old McDonald Matched at the farm Game – Players draw a farm fence down the middle of the chalkboard top. Then they draw as many farm animals as they can on the left side of the fence. The word for each animal is written outside the fence on the right from top to bottom. The players (farmers) take turns matching an animal picture to the animal word by drawing a line from picture to word. Farmers can write their name on the lines to see who matched the animals in the end.


  4. Matching at the Mall – Players draw a huge rectangle shaped mall on the chalkboard. They fill it with clothing pictures on the left side. On the right side, they write the words for the clothing. They players (shoppers) take turns going shopping at the mall to buy new clothes. To buy a piece of clothing, they must match the clothing picture to the matching word by connecting them with a line. They can write their name on the line to remember who bought each piece in the end.


  6. Trains, Planes and Matching – It’s time to go to the garage! Players draw a huge garage on the chalkboard top! In the garage, they are given time to draw all kinds of vehicles on the left. Then they write the word for the vehicles on the right side (If they have toy vehicles such as cars, planes, trains, farm tractors etc., they can use them instead of drawings). To use the vehicle or pretend to drive it, they must match the vehicle to the word with a line. Remember to have them write their name on the line to see who matched the vehicles in the end. If using small toys to match, they can collect the ones they matched and draw roads to travel on. Great fun!

  7. Color Match – The same idea as the games above only played with shapes and shape words.

  8. Number Match – Be creative as you match numbers to number words. They can even use their matched number words to write out pretend checks on the chalkboard top! Adults can make a huge check picture in the corner of the table with blanks to be filled in. Players fill in the money amounts and the number words. Don’t forget to have them sign the check! They will love it!

  9. Classic Games

  10. Hangman

  11. Tic Tac Toe

  12. Achi – Players will each use different colored chalk for this game or one with empty circles and the other uses solid/shaded circles to represent chip pieces. Draw a large square in the middle of the table. Now draw lines from opposite corners of the square. Now draw lines from opposite sides of the square until your board looks like the illustration shown here. Players decide who will go first. Each player takes turn drawing their solid or empty circle piece on a place where the lines intersect. They need to try to get 3 solid or empty circles on the same line at the same time that they try to block their opponent. Once all 8 circles are drawn on the board, each player will move 1 of his chips to an adjacent free space, with the same object of lining up 3 circles on the same line. The game stops when one of them gets 3 on a line.

  13. Go-moku – Same game as above only you draw a square grid on the chalkboard that has between 13 and 19 rows and columns. Each player takes turn drawing an empty or solid circle on the intersection of 2 lines trying to get 5 chips in a row before his opponent does. Once the chip has been placed, it cannot be moved for any reason. The first person to get 5 chips in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line wins the game.

  14. Solitaire – Draw 33 circles as shown in the illustration shown here and then make a big circle around the entire playing area. Use 33 pennies to cover up all 33 circles. Then remove the penny in the center of the board. The object of the game is to eliminate all of the pennies, except for one, so that the last bean covers the center circle. To remove a penny, the player has to jump one penny over another to an empty circle that’s behind it. If the jumps are well planned, all the beans can be removed with the last one left in the center! It’s difficult, but possible. For younger children, you can jump to see who can remove the most beans. Keep score right on the chalkboard top.

  15. Twenty Questions
  16. Boxes – Make rows and rows of dots on the table. The dots should be in even rows and columns. Each player takes a turn making 1 line from a dot to a dot above, below, to the right, to the left of that dot. Then it’s the next players turn. The object is to make a line that closes a box. After closing a box, they write their initials or name in the box to remember who made each box and take another turn. The winner is the player who has made the most boxes at the end of the game.

  17. Millions of Mazes – Children have fun challenging friends to find a way through a maze that they have drawn on the chalkboard! They can copy a maze from any maze book or maze web site. This is great for their fine motor skills and spatial relations.

  18. Connect the dots – Children should draw a huge line drawing of anything. When done they should make many dark round dots along the lines. Then they can use letters or numbers to label each dot in order. Erase the lines and save the dots. Challenge a friend to connect the dots by number or letter to make the picture again. Very creative!

  19. Crossword Puzzles – The ultimate in make your own crosswords. Make it simple. Use words like brother and sister names or 3 and 4 letter words going across only while the "down" words are done for children already. Hundreds of variations. Great learning fun.


  21. Animal Bingo – Draw a square with 4 rows and 4 columns. Children can draw an animal in each small square of their board. In the center of the table, draw 1 of each animal in a circle. Use a beanbag or large juice bottle cap and take turns tossing it on the center circle of animal drawings. Players should use chalk to cross out the animals on their game board square that match the animal the beanbag or juice bottle cap lands on. Repeat this until a player has 4 in a row and shouts BINGO!


  23. Number Bingo – same as the game above only use numbers or number words.

  24. Letter Bingo – same as the game above with letters of the alphabet.

  25. Color Bingo – same as the game above with colors or color words.

  26. Food Bingo – same as the game above with food and food words

  27. Make a "Mad-Lib" Wacky Story – Use the chalkboard mounted in the puppet theater position. Write a story (3 to 4 sentences in length). Leave blanks in the story where you want children to add words like adjectives, nouns, verbs, names and numbers. Ask players for these words one at a time and help them write them in on the blanks. When done, have a good laugh as you read them out loud! HINT- use simple pictures above words to help beginning readers read the stories when you are done.

  28. Checkers – The classic comes to our chalkboard top! Draw a 10 row by 10 column square playing board and shade in every other square. Use large juice bottle caps, promotional cd roms, peanut butter jar tops, plastic and paper cups etc. for pieces and get cracking! A creative way to enjoy an old classic.


  30. Bowling for Strikes – Use dominoes, thick markers, Dixie cups, empty toilet paper rolls, rolled construction paper or other shaped objects to make a ten pin bowling set up. Players can use chalk to draw a bowling alley from one end of the table to the other. Use a tennis ball, beanbag, or small stuffed animal to bowl the pins down! Players can keep score right on the chalkboard top.

  31. Blow and Bowl - same game as you see above but have players use a straw to blow the lightweight ball to the pins! ( try a tightly rolled piece of paper for an easy roll ball) This game will leave them "gasping" for more!

-more games here-

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Enjoy years of fun with our 101 Games Train Table


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