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           101 Games to Play with your 

              Double Decker Play Table

Sports Games

  • Finger Football – Remember playing paper football back in school. You fold a piece of paper into a triangle ball and play. First draw a line at each end of the table. This is the goal line. Now each player takes 3 turns to slide the ball onto the line. If any part of the ball stops on the line, you have scored and can kick the extra point. Flick it with your fingers while the other player makes a goal post with their hands! Decorate the chalkboard top as a stadium with your favorite teams and a cheering crowd!

  • Finger Soccer – The great international game of soccer comes to your child’s game room! Roll up a piece of paper and color it to make a soccer ball that is soft on little fingers or blow up a round balloon to just the right size. Each player or group of players gets to opposite sides of the table. Use chalk to draw goals, goal boxes, and a midfield line on the chalk top. Place the ball in the center and you are ready for the kick off! Players use their pointer and middle fingers to run and kick the ball for the winning goal! Keep score right on the chalkboard. Who will win this year? Will finger team USA capture the World Cup?

  • Table-Top Baseball – Draw a baseball diamond with all the creative trimmings. Place circle targets in the outfield with words like "single", "double", "triple", "out", "double play" and our favorite – "home run"! Use a rolled up paper ball or small balloon and a marker or paper towel tube as a bat. Players will pitch and hit until it’s time for bed! When a ball lands on a target, they can draw their players on the bases and erase them when they move or are called out! Keep score right on the board!

  • Hockey – Basically the same game as our soccer game above. Use empty paper towel tubes or playing cards as hockey sticks. Who will bring home the Stanley, Suzie, or Bobby Cup? No fighting allowed.

  • Tap Tennis – Draw a net in the middle of the table and use a balloon as the ball. Serve and tap your way to the neighborhood championship match! Play with a bounce or without. Either way ends up in fun! Keep score right on the chalkboard top.

  • Ping Pong – Use real ping-pong paddles, or cut them from a cardboard box. The ball can be a real ping pong ball or a balloon. Draw a center-line and use wooden blocks or dominoes lined up as the net. So much excitement that mom and dad will play when you go to bed! Keep score right on the chalkboard top.

  • Bean Bag Basketball – Use a beanbag or smaller stuffed animal or Beanie Baby as a basketball. Use chalk to create a basketball court. Draw a 3 basketball target circles at each end of the court ( "1 point, 2 points, and 3 points" written inside the circles. Take turns shooting from each end of the table. Imagine how good Michael Jordan would have been if he only had our table! Keep score right on the chalk top.

  • Shuffleboard

  • Finger Hopscotch – Draw a hopscotch board on the chalk top. Use a penny, juice bottle top, or other large game piece as the marker to be thrown on the board. Each player takes turns tossing the game piece on a square on the board followed by using the pointer and middle finger of one hand to replicate hopscotch movements and retrieve the marker. They must then pick it up in the same hand and return to the starting point without dropping the marker.

  • Fingerboard Skateboard Obstacle Course – Use the popular fingerboard skateboard toys or small vehicles as a skateboard and a variety or small building toys/sets such as Lego, Tinker Toys, Duplo, Lincoln Logs, etc. to make ramps, jumps, rails and other obstacles. Connect them or draw a course to follow with chalk. Have one player take a turn counting as the other players take a turn on the obstacle course! Players can agree on a point system such as 1 point for each completed obstacle without your fingers falling off the board as well as a time bonus (finish in less than 15 seconds and you earn 5 points). Be creative when drawing the course and add street signs, dangerous curves, road hazards, stormy weather and much, much more.

  • Board Games from Television

    Use your creative juices and our huge chalkboard top to create a great replica setting for these famous TV game shows. If you need more information on how to play these great games, check out http://www.everyrule.com/tv.html for tips on game rules and instructions.


  • $100,000 Pyramid

  • Pictionary

  • Jeopardy

  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

  • Wheel of Fortune

  • Hollywood Squares

  • Family Feud

  • Name That Tune

  • Concentration

  • Password

  • Beat The Clock

  • Card Sharks

  • Family Favorite Board Games

    Check out http://www.everyrule.com/ for rules on almost any game you want to play! You can choose from board games, sports games, card games, casino games, TV show games, computer games, kids games, and more. Use our chalk top and some common household items to create an unforgettable table game experience. Open-ended play at its best!

  • Scrabble

  • Chutes and Ladders

  • Connect 4

  • Yatzee

  • Bean Bag Toss Across

  • Life

  • Battleship

  • Twister

  • Don’t spill the Beans

  • Ants in the Pants

  • Don’t Break the Ice

  • Trouble

  • Headache

  • Operation

  • Mouse Trap

  • I Spy

  • Shut the Box

  • Mancala

  • 20 Questions

  • Dominoes

  • Cootie

  • Memory

  • Go Fish

  • Make 7

  • Crossfire

  • Mr. Potato Head Game

  • Scattergories

  • Mastermind

  • Other Great Games


  • Card Games

  • Dress-up Game

  • Make a Word

  • Bean Bag Toss

  • Tops

  • Word Scramble

  • Crack the Code

  • Collect the Letters

  • Collect the Numbers

  • Flashcard Math

  • Flashcard Spelling

  • Flashcard Reading

  • Name the State

  • Make Your Own-Opoly

  • Hands Down Cover the Number

  • Hands Down Cover the Letter

  • Hands Down Cover the Animal

  • Hands Down Cover the Color

  • Hands Down Cover the Word

  • Tiddly Winks

  • Labrynth

  • Paper Marbles Arena


  • The Storytellers – Players sit around the table and each receives chalk, a piece of paper, and a place to write on the chalkboard top. The first player starts the game by saying a word the others must write about, for example, "Animal", and everyone writes the name of an animal on their writing space. After players write down the name of an animal, they cover the word with a piece of paper so that no one can see what they have written. They then change seats by moving clockwise one seat over. The next player will say "Did", for example and everyone will write down an action. They cover their words with the paper and move clockwise to the next seat.Players continue to add new words, such as "a boy…", "a girl…", "They see…", "she says…". After they have been around a few times, they come back to their original seats and uncover their word list. They should then read the short story that has been created! It is sure to make everyone laugh!


  • Touching Without Seeing – One player is chosen to be the game leader. The rest sit in a circle on the floor around the table that is covered with a blanket. The leader looks for an object to pass without the others seeing it such as a carrot, or bar of soap. Players pass the object under the blanket on top of the table, using their sense of touch to discover what the object is. NO one can look at the object or take it out from under the blanket until everyone has had a chance to touch it. Then everyone shares what they think it is. The first player to guess correctly leads the next round! Great fun!


  • Puff Ball – Children sit around each side of the table. Each side of the table is a team. Each team gets a ping pong ball or crumpled piece of paper in the shape of a ball. At a signal, players put the ball down in front of them and without touching it, start to blow it toward the other team. Each time a team succeeds in blowing their ball until it hits the side of the opposite teams side, they score a point. The ball is then immediately returned to play. The game is played to a set amount of points or time. The team with the most points wins!

  • Landing – Draw 5 large boxes on the table- one per corner and one in the middle. Number the outer boxes. Players sit around the table and use juice bottle caps, pennies, or similar shaped objects to toss. Players take turns tossing their pieces, trying to make them land sequentially in boxes 1 to 4. When a piece falls into a numbered box, the player then tries to toss it into the next box with the next higher number. The piece should be tossed by flicking it with the thumb under the piece. If the piece lands outside the box the player was aiming for, the player loses a turn and has to start over from the first box. If the piece lands in the center box, the player loses 2 turns. For younger children, play without losing turns.

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    Enjoy years of fun with our 101 Games 2 Train Table


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